Abhyanga Massage

This specialized massage from India combines touch therapy with transdermal aromatherapy. Fragrant oils are applied with light pressure to energy points on the skin where your subconscious mind communicates with your body.  When stimulated, these doorways send messages to internal organs and vital functions of the body.

55 minutes    85 minutes 

Hawaiian Lomi Lomi

Lomi Lomi is a rich, authentic experience of the spirit of Hawaiian healing working the body, mind and spirit.  It is a hands-on healing that is deep and powerful yet gentle, giving immediate and long-term result.  This massage symbolically means to communicate energetically deep within the bones of the individual.

75 minutes 

Sage and Hot Towel Massage

The ultimate and relaxing experience relieving all stress & aching muscles with our organic aromatherapy extracts & hot towels to promote the anti-inflammatory & healing properties of essential oils.


55 minutes    85 minutes 

Deep Tissue Massage

This massage is recommended for those who receive regular massage.  Using slow and precise pressure, this intense technique focuses on the body of the muscle and its attachment to help release stressed and painful areas. If you have chronic shoulder, neck or back pain, soreness in joints or restriction of movement, this modality is for you!

55 minutes    85 MINUTES 


Ellora's Rose Otto Massage

A healing, uplifting & utterly romantic massage featuring a rub down with organic rose otto oil that has an uplifting fragrance & a healing rejuvenating effect on the skin ... all pressure points are targeted, eliminating all stress from the body.

60 minutes 

Neck, Back and Shoulders Massage

This treatment uses Swedish or therapeutic pressure to alleviate tension in the upper body.

25 minutes 

We now offer In Room or In Home Massage

60 minutes    90 minutes 


Ancient Stones Massage

Healing with stones is an ancient form of therapy used by various cultures throughout time. using smooth, heated, basalt river stones and nourishing sea buck thorn massage cream, the body deeply relaxes as the warm stones melt away the stress and tension of everyday life.  

75 minutes

Couples Bliss Offering

Two aromatherapy massages together  with our wonderful Hot Stone Foot Treatment. This is the treatment that couples love as it tends to their physical, mental,and emotional well being with the healing benefits of our natural essential oils and the soothing benefits of our Swedish massage.   

Sports Massage

For your back with hot towels and aromatherapy.
30 minutes 

For your Back and Leg with Hot Towels and aromatherapy.
60 minutes 

Couples Massage

A sensual experience for two in a romantic setting.  This massage includes all of our Aromatherapy Treatments.*

60 minutes    80 minutes

* Must be scheduled 7 days in advance.

Luxurious Hand  Treatments

A 25 minute indulgent treatment with paraffin and our secret serum which smooths , heals, moisturizes skin, opens pores, increases circulation promoting deeper relaxation. -  

Swedish Massage

This relaxing massage includes long, smooth strokes with our signature oils to relieve everyday stress.

55 minutes
85 minutes 

*A special note about Aromatherapy Treatments:  For your safety and to have the best experience, you should be in the hands of a trained certified aromatherapist.  Before receiving treatment, ask to see their certification.