Ellora's Signature Ayurvedic Facial

This treatment is created to dynamically regenerate skin cells and balance skin conditions for healthier, radiant, and younger looking skin.  The products for this facial blend concentrated plant extracts, sea algae and monoatomic elements in a synergetic formulation to fight the damage of natural and environmental aging.  The result is a beautiful treatment that brings refreshment and nourishment to the skin, supporting and encouraging our innate beauty and strength of Spirit.

70 minutes 

Nature - Pure Smooth and Nourish

This supremely nourishing and pampering facial replenishes hydration and youthfulness.  Combining deep cleansing, a light scrub and customized AHA/BHA &Fruit Enzyme exfoliation to regenerate skin at the subcutaneous level, and a restorative creamy propolis and ginger massage cream.  Follow with an application of a nutritive oil complex rich in Jojoba, Squalene, Carrot seed oils and Vitamin C. Conclude with a lifting anti-oxidizing spirulina, olive oil mask and soothing moisturizer.


75 minutes 

Luxurious Rose Petal Facial

Our luxurious anti-aging treatment addresses the causes and symptoms of aging skin by instantly filling in wrinkles , fine lines, and improving skin laxity. After this pampering treatment with our rose infused products, customers are instantly gratified with an unbelievable smooth complexion looking their very best.  

70 minutes

Purification and Acne Treatments

This is a purifying facial with a personalized program for acne.

75 minutes   

Age Reverse Lifting Facial

Formulated with an abundance of revolutionary anti-aging ingredients combined in their most effective forms for an ultimate corrective treatment that restores skin. Unique and potent pure 8 Peptide complex, encapsulated Retinol, Super C, Berry & Citrus acids, Collagen and Brighteners work together to radically decrease signs of age. Skin instantly appears more youthful, tighter and brighter.

70 minutes 


Eyebrow design
Eyebrow maintenance
Lip or Chin 

Please arrive 10 minutes before your appointments.