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Abhyanga Massage

This specialized massage from India combines touch therapy with transdermal aromatherapy. Fragrant oils are applied with light pressure to energy points on the skin where your subconscious mind communicates with your body.  When stimulated, these doorways send messages to internal organs and vital functions of the body.

55 minutes    85 minutes 

Hair and Scalp Treatment

A classic ayurvedic herbal hair and scalp treatment designed to induce a meditative state.  The therapist directs a warm, gentle stream of oil onto the forehead, restoring calm to the mind, while soothing the senses.   The oil nourishes the hair and scalp.

20 minutes  add on to massage
50 minutes 


Ellora's Signature Ayurvedic Facial

This treatment is created to dynamically regenerate skin cells and balance skin conditions for healthier, radiant, and younger looking skin.  The products for this facial blend concentrated plant extracts, sea algae and monoatomic elements in a synergetic formulation to fight the damage of natural and environmental aging.  The result is a beautiful treatment that brings refreshment and nourishment to the skin, supporting and encouraging our innate beauty and strength of Spirit.

70 minutes